Role Playing MUDs: The Fallacy of "It’s Just a Text Game"

Something I’ve heard a lot in my years of playing online text RPGs is the phrase, “it’s only a game.” Granted, it’s usually used in an attempt to calm down a raging player on the other team, and it’s usually intended as half-insult, as if to imply that the other player has nothing better to do with his life except sit around and yell about a text game. But it’s a phrase you do hear often.

It’s also a phrase, frankly, that never made much sense to me. Yes, it may be a text game, but why does that mean a person isn’t allowed to emotionally invest in it at all? Why do people try to look down on others for, well, caring?

I’m writing today to argue that developing emotional attachments to characters in a text game is not a bad thing (as long as it’s done in moderation, which holds true for anything). It’s normal, in fact, and it has the potential to enhance the gaming experience more than any other factor.

Think about your hobby. Why do you do it? Because, hopefully, you love it. If you’re a professional football player and someone accuses you of loving football, your reaction really should be, “Well, of course I do!”

Now picture a person who hates their job. The normal reaction to this isn’t one of being impressed with how jaded and ‘above this’ the person is. The normal reaction here is to feel empathy for that person for having to spend mass amounts of time on something that he isn’t invested in.

This is how we should look at text games; or any hobby, really. You should enjoy it and you should be emotionally invested, or else you shouldn’t be doing it. In the example from my first paragraph, I would feel more sorry for the accuser (who spends copious amounts of time on text games and claims not to care about them at all) than the person who was accused of caring too much (who can at least admit to caring about his hobby). And there is no reason why adopting text games as your hobby should be any less worthy than, say, writing or drawing or board games.

Since the dawn of time, people have been invested in fictional stories and characters; everyone has at least a friend or two who yells at the screen when the ‘wrong’ couple gets together on a television show. It’s why movies, plays and other forms of story-centric entertainment have been so popular for so long, and why people spend billions upon billions of dollars annually on entertainment. There is no shame in caring about the fate of imaginary character and their stories, as long as it brings you (primarily) happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with becoming passionate about your own characters, either. Nobody has ever taken issue with someone having a ‘favorite character’ from a movie or video game, and it would be absurdity for someone to tell an author that she shouldn’t emotionally invest in the characters in her books. Role playing a character in a text game is a hybrid of these two things, really, and to be any good at role playing in the first place requires emotionally investing in your character and the text game itself. In fact, if you do place such value upon your character and his or her fate, your successes are just that much more rewarding – and in the end, that’s what keeps you playing.

I know it might be ‘cool’ to pretend to be untouchable, but don’t let yourself be lured in by this defense mechanism. It’s much more admirable to admit that you actually care about the things you spend time on, get mad, and then move on with your life. Text games are a valid source of happiness, reward and entertainment. Don’t let anyone belittle you by saying that they’re, “just text games.”

Looking For Free Roulette Professional Systems to Make You Rich?

We’d all like to be rich I’m sure, but does anyone seriously think that a free professional roulette system either exists or secondly would actually work. Let’s be serious about this firstly if you had a system that was guaranteed to make money in a real casino would you give it away to people. Of course you wouldn’t, in fact you would keep the roulette system as quiet as possible and slowly allow you winnings to accumulate.

To be guaranteed to make money in a real casino, you need either some bias in the casino wheel that you are aware of or you would need to cheat! The days of faulty roulette wheels are pretty much long gone and you won’t get far trying to cheat a casino.

So what exactly are these professional roulette systems?

Well, they are often plausible sounding strategies more than systems. Some method of betting in which you can’t possibly fail to win if you follow them exactly. In reality nearly everyone seems to be based on something called the gamblers fallacy. These systems always end up twisting the laws of probability to suit their needs.

A System based on ‘ a gamblers fallacy’ doesn’t sound too smart!

Well that’s because it isn’t, that is the problem. The worse thing is that winning in roulette is pretty much down to luck so these systems will actually work occasionally but no more often than any other method based on luck. What’s even worse is that it takes much of the fun out of roulette.

The gamblers fallacy states that any deviation in expected probability will be evened out by opposite deviations in the future. That is for example if you see an unusual pattern of reds appear then in order to balance out the expected probability there will be extra blacks appear in future spins. Now clearly this can be made to sound a very reasonable assumption if you mess around with probability. But the simple fact is that the odds stay exactly the same, even if you got 22 reds in a row the chance for the next spin would be exactly the same. The little silver ball doesn’t have a think about what it’s just done before it decides to land somewhere.

The usual system that is touted as the casino killer is the martingale system and it uses the false assumption of the gamblers fallacy combined with a strict betting system. There are lots of variants around but they basically revolve around multiplying your stake until you win a spin on an even money event. What usually happens is that you swap lots of little wins for the risk of a very big loss (as you consistently have to keep multiplying your stake)

If you enjoy roulette but all you’ve found online are the very similar computer generated wheels and games then perhaps you might have more fun playing a real game of roulette. Read below for a fantastic new online casino that I’m sure you’ll like. Forget about so called professional roulette systems and just have fun and hope lady luck is smiling on you only she can make you rich.

Development of the Sony PS3’s Media Drive – Control and Connectivity Systems For Use in the PS4

The Sony PlayStation 3 battles it out with rivals the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii for games console supremacy. The PS3 boasts the most impressive specification of all three units and includes an IBM developed Cell Processor, an advanced form of XDR main memory and an NVIDIA PC-based graphics processor. The consoles replacement is expected to be released to the general public around 2011, so when it arrives what can we expect the PlayStation 4’s specification to look like in comparison with the current PS3? In two of my earlier articles I looked at the PS4’s likely main processor, memory, graphics processor and hard drive specifications. In this, the final article in the series, we’ll be taking a look at the optical media drive, control system and connectivity features.First we consider the consoles optical drive. Expect the current generations integrated Blu-ray optical drive to remain in place almost unchanged from the present specification. Just like the DVD format which proceeded it, once an optical system has been established there is little change required. As any replacement for Blu-ray is a long way in the future, and would probably not be disk-based anyway, I don’t see any reasons for this element of the console to change. In my opinion Sony will simply use the fact that Blu-ray is an established technology as a cost advantage. The high development costs and the corporations insistence that it be included in the current console from launch is a large factor in the high production costs and lack of profit associated with the PS3.The remaining features of the PS3, notably the integrated USB 2 ports, Bluetooth wireless controllers, and built in wireless network adaptor I would expect to see carried over to its replacement unchanged unless there are any significant speed related upgrades to the technology. If this is the case then I would expect an upgrade to reflect this. One area of new development I think we might see is the implementation of a new controller design. The current controller gets its fair share of criticism – the Xbox 360 controller is often viewed as far better unit to use, whilst the innovative Nintendo Wii controller has been responsible for that systems resounding sales success. In light of this a re-design of the control system is an almost certainty but with the Bluetooth connectivity maintained..Sony has so far (as of March 2009) lost money on every PS3 sold despite the consoles relatively high price. This is mostly down to the advanced nature of its hardware, both in terms of development and production costs. I feel that a development of this existing technology is the only way to go to allow Sony to recoup some of the losses experienced in the PS3 program. This is all the more important in today’s fragile economic markets where record breaking sales figures can no longer be guaranteed.This concludes our look at the PS4. I’d like to re-visit this article in a few years time to see how accurate my predictions have been.

Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus Bundle – Will It Work For Me?

Getting your money’s worth for exercise equipment can be a challenge. With a video game fitness system like the Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus Bundle, a treadmill collecting dust in your basement can be a thing of the past!You know the story. You begin your new plan to work out and get fit with enthusiasm. Soon enough, you lose interest and return to the couch. Keeping your interest high may be the key to your success. Finding an exercise routine that you can stick to for the long term would certainly give you the fitness level you desire.Here’s where the family of fitness video games excels. The boredom factor that snuffs out your good intentions is kept at bay with the interactive fun and adaptive capabilities. One of the greatest virtues of video game fitness is that it encourages you to try a wide range of exercise modalities that you might not try otherwise. At the gym, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut – you know – 30 minutes of treadmill and then you go home, day after day.With a system such as Wii Fit Plus, you’ll want to try all four types of training – yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance games. It’s easy to mix it up daily. Games like soccer make getting fit FUN. The exercises are enjoyable and they increase heart rate while working on core muscles that aid in posture and balance. Using the balance board tells the system how your form and execution of the exercise stacks up. In a way, you are competing with yourself to see improvement.As an additional perk, not only do you get to have fun with your workout, you also get encouragement from the game trainer as you improve, without the hefty personal trainer price tag!These systems not only help with your fitness goals, but aid in your weight loss goals as well. You can monitor your weight, as well as your friends or family members. This makes a weight loss competition easy and fun. Yes, diet is always of the utmost importance when striving to lose weight, but working out can help you tone and burn extra calories too.Will the Wii console and Wii Fit Plus bundle or other fitness game systems work for you? If you are willing to do the workouts on a consistent basis, as with any exercise regimen, you will definitely see improvement in your fitness level and have fun while you’re doing so! They work to keep boredom at bay and that’s a big plus to keeping with any exercise program. They could be a great incentive to those gamers, who sit and play games for hours on the couch, to get active.