Horse Racing: Handicapping, Profitcapping And Old Things Seen In New Ways

Handicapping, profitcapping and old things seen in new ways is the only thing new in racing. You’re looking for the answers that solves all of it or solves everything in handicapping? Are you able to recognize it when you see it? Do you really want to make money in racing or do you wish to just talk it or dream about it? There’s nothing silly about this. In racing there’s nothing new except: only old things seen in new ways. One of the main matters in racing is: how accurate can all the facets, elements and factors in be measured.

Without accuracy and precision predicting the order of finish of races becomes more difficult and the player is ever more unskilled to make money. Almost every book and website on racing states:

(1) that we’ve found the ultimate system and all you have to do is buy it, use it and make a million dollars.

(2) our system has won several hundred or several thousands of dollars over the weekend so it’s the best.

(3) our system caught two long-shots and made a few extra dollars and it’ll make money for you forever.

(4) our system catches the win position horse 95% of the time compared to the tote board that catches the win position horse 33% of the time.

Also: (5) we’ve found the one angle that does it all. These and other false statements are promoted and given to the gullible public who buys these fallacies. None of this is real because there are no such things. Almost every system sold tries to make the player believe that it’s all about handicapping. Is handicapping all there is to racing? No. Getting the horse you’ve betted on is important but what’s more important is the odds on the horse(s) that tells what the horse(s) will pay.

Handicapping tells you how well you can predict a race’s outcome. But it doesn’t tell you how much money can be made long-term. Do you know what it takes to make money in racing? Let me tell you:

(a) first it takes knowing that racing’s made of two main parts: profitcapping and handicapping.

(b) the highest form of handicapping is: advanced statistical handicapping. Why? Because racing’s a statistical game.

(c) the highest form of the money side of the game is: advanced profitcapping which is statistically oriented also.

(d) it takes learning both very well.

Also: (e) it takes testing everything in order to see how money is made and then to in fact make money. Do you want to be given a magic method that’s 100% certain to make you a millionaire and without you having to do anything? It doesn’t exist. There’s no easy money in racing. This is partially about handicapping, profitcapping and old things seen in new ways.